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About Us

Blood oranges are interesting fruits. Have you ever tried one? On the outside they present as ordinary oranges, but on the inside - something completely different and unique.

At, we provide custom, software-based solutions to power application delivery systems of all shapes and sizes. Each solution is uniquely fit to suit our clients' needs.

Premium Services

  • Custom PaaS layers ("Platform-as-a-Service"), written in Go or Python
  • All-in-one container overhauls, from source code to Kubernetes via Docker & Helm
  • Migrations to Kubernetes from existing container infrastructure, such as Amazon ECS etc.
  • Advanced CI/CD automation, fresh setup or integration with existing tools (e.g. Jenkins)
  • Git-based deployment workflows, ephemeral environments per branch or pull request

Free Services (online)

Bundle Bar is a free service that hosts new types of lightweight, cloud-native artifacts for use by tools leveraging OCI for package distribution.

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Company is an independently-owned, US-based company founded in early 2019 by software engineer Josh Dolitsky.