| Establishing an OCI Certification Program

Establishing an OCI Certification Program

Wed, Feb 19, 2020

Blood Orange has partnered with the Linux Foundation to establish an OCI Certification Program.

So what is OCI? OCI stands for Open Container Initative, which is a sort of government for containers. They define the specifications which make all software leveraging OCI interoperable.

Container systems have historically been based upon Docker’s APIs and toolchain, but then people came up with new solutions that were valuable in their own right. An abundance of container tooling options led to the creation of the OCI in 2015, for organizations to join forces to define abstract specifications for all container ecosystem tools.

Although work on these specs is still very active, what’s been noticed is that it is not clear which tools or providers are following the spec. These specs are technical documents which don’t necessarily account for working nice with certain industry-wide tools (i.e. the Docker CLI).

So we have started a new OCI Certification program which you can view here:

Additonally, Blood Orange has started running our own tests for OCI registry conformance against the distribution-spec.

You can access those test results here:

alt text alt text

There is still a lot of work to be done, so we invite you to join us in trying to achieve 100% conformance across the web!

- Josh Dolitsky

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